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We will analyze your parts and simulate your production.

Time Studies & Feasibility Analysis
You will obtain quality services in machine technology from us in areas such as precision cutting, punching, bending, deburring, finishing, inspection, and polishing. Our team of professionals assists you through the entire production process, which includes analysis, application review, shop floor simulations, as well as Design for Manufacturing events which can reduce total assembly costs.

Shop Floor Simulations
We will show you the exact procedures which go along with your processes, using several different options to complete your processes at the highest level of shop-floor efficiency.  

In-Person Demonstrations & Web Demonstrations viewed from the comfort of your office
Our partners will program your parts and run them while you watch.   These demonstrations are the best way for you to understand how our technologies specifically address your exact requirements.  

Expert Guidance
Our company and our Partners have the highest level of experience and knowledge in our industry for reviewing and recommending various machine tools and technology for your precision metal fabrication requirements.  In addition to blanking and bending, we also have working experience with fastening, deburring, finishing, polishing, 2D and 3D Vision Inspection, CNC punch tooling, precision press brake tooling & quick-change tool holders. 

We Come to You
Schedule an on-site consultation with us to discuss your needs, goals, and budget for the equipment. Our Voice of the Customer approach is a proven method for successful implementation of these technologies.


"The level of quality we get from this machine is phenomenal. It's a quantum leap over what we used to do. We'd never go back."

 —A Satisfied Customer

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